Mobil Brake Fluid Universal

Product Description:

Mobil Brake Fluid Universal is a high quality amber fluid based on polyglycol ethers and containing corrosion inhibitors.

Mobil Brake Fluid Universal meets these specifications and performance requirements:

•    SAE J1703 (Latest Revision)
•    Ford Specification
•    BLS/BF2/2
•    Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 116
•    DOT 4
•    ISO 4925


Mobil Brake Fluid Universal offers the following benefits:

•    Excellent lubricating properties reduce wear
•    Outstanding physical and chemical stability
•    Excellent corrosion protection for metal components
•    Good low temperature fluidity and high boiling point, give wide operational range and minimizes vapour lock at high operating temperatures
•    Good resistance to deterioration after prolonged exposure to humid conditions
•    Good compatibility with seal materials gives long component life

Brake Fluid


Mobil Brake Fluid Universal is recommended for automotive type hydraulic brake and clutch systems, particularly those imposing increased demands on fluid media due to higher operating temperatures induced by disc brakes, caravan towing and increased use of automatic transmissions which give reduced engine braking.

Brake Fluid
The rubber components used in most automotive hydraulic systems swell and deteriorate quickly when in-contact with mineral oil. All containers and equipment used for servicing hydraulic brakes must be kept exclusively for brake fluid and kept scrupulously clean. Even small quantities of moisture from exposure to air can reduce the boiling point of hydraulic brake fluid. Only Mobil Brake Fluid Universal should be used for cleaning the system.
Mobil Brake Fluid Universal retains excellent performance characteristics over long periods including exposure to high humidity atmospheres. It has a minimum equilibrium reflux boiling point of 260°C (500°F) required by
Ford Specification SAM-6C-9103A, British Leyland Specification BlS/BS2/2 and many other car manufacture specifications which require DOT 4 brake fluids.
Brake Fluid